Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco

Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco
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Friday, August 20, 2010

A Few Tips to spending wisely in Japantown

Is the economy really getting you down? Shopping in downtown San Francisco might be a great idea. Here at NJAHS, we are offering you some super-saving tips to survive in this economy and spend wisely in Japantown.

First Trick for Japanese Food Lovers: Check out some of the restaurants' happy hours. You may have thought of this on your own, but we thought it was worth mentioning. You should also dining in the afternoon, it's cheaper.

Second Trick for Shoppers: Japan is well-known for their products: cosmetics, stationary, utilities, and food. The best way to find great deals in Japantown is to shop in Ichiban Kan and Daiso. In Daiso, all items are $1.50 and at Ichiban Kan they always offer great deals .Nijiya Markets provides the best Japanese imported food for reasonable price!

Third Trick for Visitors: Japantown includes many hidden histories and significant events . If you are interested in learning about Japantown, feel free to drop by the Peace Gallery in the NJAHS ( National Japanese American History Society). Our office staff members are very helpful and will answer of your questions. You can also check out some upcoming events offered by NJAHS. Many of the events are FREE! Who said there is nothing to do in Japantown?

Fouth Trick for Anyone: If you do not want to spend a single penny, you can always window shop around in Japantown. There are a lot of shops in Japantown, such as Kinokuniya Stationery and Gift, Inc . and Kinokuniya Bookstore.

Hopefully you find there tricks to be helpful.

Besides, NJAHS summer interns have found out how to to do as many things as possible for a total of less than $20 . Below is the video. Enjoy!

$20 a Day in Japantown 2010

$20 a day in Japantown 2000

There are other $20 a day in Japantown videos on our Youtube page. Check it out!

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