Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco

Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Students Share Their Experience at NJAHS: Amy

My name is Amy and I am a student from San Francisco State University. Today is my last day volunteering at NJAHS. I have finally completed my volunteer work and reached the point where I finished the oral history project. It was my first experience learning how to use the transcribing program called Transcriva. This was not only a challenging experience, but also a memorable one hearing the interview of Teruo Ishihara. He begins the interview talking about his family's background and his experience when he was in grad school. In his life, he had a positive experience through the camp in Tule Lake. I believe the scariest moment of his life was when he was transported in the train without knowing where he will be ended up in. There were also soldiers with weapons to make sure nobody look out the window. He enjoyed going to Japanese language school with the passion of learning more Japanese. He is very well connected with the Japanese community with the feeling of bonding and being accepted by others. He was also really supportive of his family and children. Especially, during the time when his father did not answer the loyalty question. While listening to his interview, I was inspired by his stories about his life and the time in Tule Lake Pilgrimage. I admired him very much because he is a very positive and confident person. Overall, I had a pleasant time listening to the interview of the oral history project. I had a great and wondering experience working at NJAHS. If i had a chance to transcribe more oral history project, I would be happy to come and volunteer at NJAHS again.

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