Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco

Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Movie Week with Lina Hoshino

This week of making my own short film with film maker, Lina Hoshino really taught me a lot in the process of filming. After Lina arrived at NJAHS, she asked me to read a rough draft of my narrative and her feedback was really helpful to help me write a better narrative. Since she had gone over some steps which I was familiar with making a film, such as writing a script and having photos being already online available to use; I thought that editing the film would be a no brainer, but I thought wrong. Learning how to make and edit a film on a software that was entirely new to me was different. If it had not been for Lina, my film would of been a wreck. Not only did I learn how to cut, shorten, and lengthen clips, but I learned volume control over voices, where transitions go and how to add them, how to make an image appear bigger on the screen, and how to add background music. Too many complexities came along with making a perfect film and looking back to my childhood, I never did think that much of the process of film making when I was little. I used to think that they would record the video and then just add in captions with transitions. But now I have a new perspective to think about for the filming industry and I would not have of gained this if someone hadn't bothered to help me along the way. A couple hours until I was finished with my narrative and I was excited towards finishing it first. Never did it occur to me that a 3 minute film could take 2 days to make and edit, and a couple of hours to publish on the Internet. I am extremely glad that Lina had helped me make such a short film in such a quick amount of time. Thank you Lina Hoshino for helping me create a film for my narrative and I never would have never been able to do it without you! I will surely use this as an advantage during the upcoming school years, especially if I ever have a project involved with Final Cut, I will now know how to use it!

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