Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco

Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco
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Friday, June 24, 2011

The hidden internment

Today was an interesting day. Its Friday, so I was pretty tired from the past week. This is my first time working so I am trying to make the best impression I can. I usually try to talk to people before we begin work. It helps people to relax and release some tension. For some reason though, today was just a tough day. Me and Alison talked a little about what we were gonna do this weekend, Pete came by and tried to talk to us but me and Alison were just glued to our seats trying to watch the movie, a man came by saying he knew my dad. I wanted to get to know him more to get to know my dad a little more but I was just dead.

Work was pretty laid back today. Our boss realized that we needed to get caught up history for our interviews the following week so she gave us a list of movies to watch. There were ten movies so me and Alison hussled to get through them. One was a short movie about businesses that had survived after the internment camp. Another was about Japanese Peruvians who were kicked out of their homes due to racial tension. Another movie we watched talked about how some people had health issues after camp because of all the dust. It was all very intense and it angered me that they are taken so lightly in history books.

It was upsetting to see people treated so badly. I feel the films have made me angry. I am still trying to process them.

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