Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco

Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco
Information Source for the Military Intelligence Service Historic Learning Center

Monday, June 27, 2011

Manju Monday!

Hi this is Alison with another update on my manju quest. This morning I went to Benkyodo Co. with fellow NCI intern Alison! Can you believe it, there are two NCI interns with the same name! It was so cute, while eating our delicious manju, a man comes up to us and says "UC Irvine? You guys must be so smart! If only I could take a part of your both of your intelligence, I'd be so smart!" It was really cute and funny.

So today I ate a green manju with chunks of azuki (red beans). The mochi was so smooth and fresh and I gotta say I love azuki beans, especially when it isn't 100% smooth. So this was a nice treat.

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