Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco

Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco
Information Source for the Military Intelligence Service Historic Learning Center

Monday, July 11, 2011

On Thursday, July 7th, we interviewed Irene Hoshizaki, a Japanese American and Alison's grandma. We interviewed her because she experienced the internment camp during World War II. Irene told us her life experience like her challenges and obstacles she faced. The interview was interesting, but it took about a hour.

After the interview, we learned how to make sushi. Ros taught us how to make sushi if you are hungry and just have scrap. First, we get leftover rice and soften them with vinegar. We mush up the rice into a rectangular shape. Then, we put scrap, like fish or vegetables, on top of the rice and wrap it up with seaweed. The sushi was really good, but I didn't eat the wasabi or vegetable because it was too spicy.


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