Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco

Building 640 at the Presidio in San Francisco
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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Time We Experiences Irene Hoshizaki's Memories and Sushi Making

Written at 7/7/2011 10:25PM

I want to share our day at NJAHS since I can't sleep right now. Too excited to think about what's going to happen tomorrow. Well, let me explain what happen so you get an idea of what I'm talking about. Today everything went smoothly as I can recall. When I went in to work, I was unexpected of my fellow ninterns setting up recording equipment. Now that I can recall that we're suppose to interview Irene Hoshizaki, Alison
Sunohara's grandmother, Ken and I learned how to set up and function the video recorder and the stand up lights from Max. The interview started right at 11:30AM.So I experience how Ms.Hoshizaki past were like as a Japanese American and how she became who she was today.I found her life very interesting and it gain me experience to prepare for my future. When the interview was over at 12:30PM, we thanked Ms.Hoshizaki for coming over today. As soon as that was over, it's time to put away the equipment and clean up the table so we can learn how to make sushi from Rosalyn. First,Rosalyn taught us how to make nigiri sushi and she also taught us how sushi were an important food from Japan. The three characteristic of Japanese cuisine were taste, presentation and color. After that we made futomaki, rolled up sushi. My roll looked very unpleasant but Rosalyn taught me to slice my roll with perfection. When we as ninterns were done making sushi, we finally get to savor the flavor while Rosalyn was making onigiri, handmade rice ball. Oishii!!! When we're done eating, we were preparing for tomorrow's walking tour since about 20 people from the East Bay about Japantown and the hardship of Japanese American history. The good thing was that Rosalyn got our backs and had us all planned out. Now I felt confident to take on this challenge. Well I hope the day comes by faster. Good night. Oyasumi.

- Luis Diego Lin-Xiao (NJAHS Nintern)

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